Gram 9200D Split carbon Paddle 2 piece – soft shoulders

Gram 9200D Split carbon Paddle 2 piece – soft shoulders


525USD, outside Euro zone

.Model 9200 is a bit wider than Greenland paddles usually are. This, in conjunction with an almost flat tip area, gives increased power, but still with the characteristics of the Greenland paddle. It goes very smoothly in the water, and has a very clear feedback. Unlike other carbon Paddles, this Paddle does not get slippery when wet because of the special surface. The surface is not rough, no blisters, it just has high friction, like my wood Paddles. The handle is oval 31x36mm / 1,22 x 1,42″. The soft shoulders makes it easy to make sliding strokes,while still having the feel of where the blade starts.

The joint is shaped like a hexagonal tube, which is locked with a simple snap lock. Other data, see bottom of page.


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Additional information

Weight N/A





92mm (3,6")


220 cm (86,6 inch), 215 cm (84,6"), 224 cm (88,2")

Loom length

50 cm(19,6") 55 cm (21,65") 59 cm (23"


582 cm"; 90 Inch2