Greenland paddle, stick, inuit

Gram Kajak

I started Gram Kajak almost 15 years ago.

After many years with sailing boats and dinghies, I wanted something easier to handle on the water. Something that would not require lots of preparations or dependence on other people before I could get out on the water. Thus, the kayak.

I couldn’t find a kayak, however, which was both seaworthy, fast, aesthetic and at a reasonable price all at once. I, therefore, decided to build my own Kavat (originally designed by Björn Thomasson) made of pinewood. And it met all my demands except for one: it didn’t turn out as beautiful as I wanted it to be.

This led me to build a couple of more kayaks which in turn gave me a chance to experiment with the strength and aesthetics of the different types of wood.

Now, I only dream of a smaller kayak for more sportive tours, but so far such a kayak has only made it to the drawing board.

Greenland paddle, stick, inuit
Greenland paddle, stick, inuit

From kayaks to paddles

Although it is called Gram Kajak, I’m now focusing entirely on paddles. When I had finished building my first kayak, I quickly found that ordinary paddles caused me back problems and sore joints. Most of the paddles I tried also seemed mechanically unstable. In other words, they didn’t give me the kind of quality experience I was looking for, unless I would pay through the nose, that is.

I, therefore, decided to make my own paddle.

One paddle quickly turned into several, however, as I was eager to create the perfect paddle. Plus, several fellow kayakers began to ask the price of them. In the beginning, though, I couldn’t bring myself to sell any of them, but after a while, I finally gave in – who needs more than 50 paddles anyway. Since then, I have built many more paddles, and in 2007 Gram Kajak went online with its own website.

Would you like to know more?

Paddles from Gram Kajak are about enjoying a nearness to nature and the solitude of the water. They are for those who want to paddle without sound and with as little fatigue as possible. They are for kayakers who want to make the most out of their paddling technique while still having fun, and with less strain on their bodies.

I believe I have made the perfect paddle. But that doesn’t mean I will stop experimenting with different types of wood and the possibilities they offer as I’m much too curious when it comes to this.

If you have an idea for a personalized paddle, feel free to contact me, and I will help you build it.


Kind regards

Lars Gram

Greenland paddle, stick, inuit

Gram Kajak

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