Gram kayak

Gram Kajak is my hobby as well as my one-man company. It is where I build paddles, rooted in century-old Greenlandic techniques.

Through generations, the Greenland paddle has been developed, refined and adjusted to bring its kayaker forward, fast and without sound in all types of weather and with as little fatigue as possible – it never ceases to amaze me how such a simple, handmade tool can be so efficient. It is this kind of craftsmanship and tradition I want to keep alive and well.

Today, we can find all types of wood and equipment to build paddles of different sizes and colors, adjusted to the needs of each individual paddler.

What I deeply respect, however, are the traditional Greenlandic processes of designing and creating paddles.

Originally, the Inuits had to make their paddles from whatever types of wood drifted to shore and the simple tools available to them. This naturally affected the design of the paddles. But what they lacked in types of wood and tools, they replaced with time and dexterity. This is why today, you can enjoy beautiful craftsmanship, rooted in Greenland’s century-old hunting culture.

Giant factories and chimneys belching out smoke do not really interest me. That is why I build my paddles in my own workshop where I will never stop experimenting with different types of wood and seeking out new and better designs. Here, I use my hands and simple tools to produce paddles – paddles that are unique and will come to tell their own stories in the hands of their paddler.

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Carbon paddle Greenland

New – Full Carbon Paddle

Two piece carbon paddle offers many of the same benefits as the wooden paddle, but combines the strength of carbon with low weight. Read more here.

Wood oars

How to use your paddle

Here, you can find inspiration on how to paddle without sound and thus attain a better kayaking experience.

Find out how to place your paddle in the right angle and how your feet can help transmitting the power from the stroke to your kayak. Read more here.

Paddle float

This paddle float is made especially for Greenlandic paddles. It does not slip off the Greenland paddle during self-rescue. The two separate airchambers, each with its own valve, ensure maximum safety during self-rescue.

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