Gram 6120 Throwing Stick

Gram 6120 Throwing Stick


105USD, outside Euro zone

Throwing Stick or Norsaq. Originally used to throw the harpun. The tool served as an extension of the hunters arm, and thus the harp could be thrown at high speed.
This Norsaq is made of 50 pieces of carefully selected wood, and thus appears as joinery art. The Norsaq can be used completely normally.
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  • Greenland wood paddle

    Gram 7100 Paddle


    Gram 7100 Paddle

    386 USD, outside Euro zone

    Produced in red and yellow Cedar, with edges in Siberian larch. The paddle is made up of a total of 200 carefully adapted pieces of wood. The handle is a 32x36mm / 1.25 x 1.4” oval, 55cm/ 22” wide. The pad can also be delivered in length and width, specified by you. Other data, see bottom of page.

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150g / 5 Oz


Red and Yellow Cedar


75 to 40mm / 3 to 1,75"


450mm / 17"